lunes, 28 de marzo de 2016

In the land of Pisco... Piskos: The origin of a name

On a warm afternoon framed by  a magnificent sunset with a  flushed sky, many years before the arrival of the Spanish, Cacique (Chief) Chuquimanco and his people  admired in what is now the Bay of Paracas, (South Lima 200km.)  the horizon where thousands of birds fluttered seeking shelter. The villagers kept saying "pisscu, pisscu" bird-in Quechua which Word, the Chief and his subjects were inspired to apply to themselves. 
With the passage of time this remarkable community of potters along with their chicha jars bécame known as the piskos.
The Spanish arrival to these shores brought their native vine from the Canary Islands, which adapted to the new surroundings, giving rise to Quebranta grape. When distilled the produced spirit was stored in these jars also called piskos thus giving that name to a citiy a port and a river.

It is noteworthy that these jars were cured inside with honey for a proper seal.

Translated by Katrina Heimark


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