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In the land of Pisco... How are Piscos that are presented in competitions ranked?

Translated by Katrina Heimark

Regional Competitions are classifiers for the National Competition, or the Grand Finale, thus there is only one competition, but it has two stages
Both the Regional Competitions and the National Competition only award no more than 30% of the samples. This percentage corresponds to the deserving Piscos depending on variety. 

Each Pisco taster evaluates the sample and gives it a score on the back of a card. The Official Tasters’ evaluation cards, whose tallies deviate in a range of 7 points above or below the average of the awarded scores, will be discarded after the calculation of the total sample points. For example:
Tasters award the following points:
1.- 87.

The scores add to 511 points, which when divided by 6, gives an average of 85.17 points for the sample.
Lowest Deviation: 85.17 minus 7= 78.17
Highest Deviation: 85.17 plus 7= 92.17

In order to calculate the deviation in the sample:

Any score that is higher than 92.17 is eliminated. Also, any score that is lower than 78.17 will be eliminated. Thus, out of the 6 scores, only 4 remain. Those four are added, and the final average is calculated. In this case, the score is 86.50, after calculating the deviation.

Any Pisco that does not achieve the minimum established score of 80 points will be declared void.

The Piscos that are awarded medals and diplomas receive them according to the following scale:

1. Great Gold Medal, must receive at least 92 points
2. Gold Medal, at least 85 points
3. Silver Medal, at least 82 points
4. Bronze Medal, at least 80 points
In the case in which the sample is within the Gold Medal Category, it will only receive the award if its score is within the top 30% of the Pisco Category.

For example:
Ten samples of quebranta Pisco are presented. After their evaluation, the ten samples are put in order according to their score. A calculation is made to designate the top 30%, which in this case would be 3 samples.
Thus, the three top scoring samples, which have received a minimum score of at least 80 points, will be awarded with the respective medals, and will pass on to the National Competition or will win the National Competition, if such is the case. Thus, there is the possibility that there are 3 gold medals, as all of them can achieve over 85 points.

Note: When the calculation of 30% results in a decimal point, the decimal is rounded up
For example, 30% of 3 samples is 0.9, which is then rounded up to 1, or 1 sample.
30% of 4 samples is 1.2, which is then rounded to 2 samples, in order to better favor the Pisco producers

Rounding up depends on the presence of a decimal. Rounding up or down does not occur starting with a 0.5 decimal.

Regulatory Council of Pisco Guarantee of Origin

November 2011. 

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